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reageer, genadelose, onbarmhartig, onvriendelike, uncompassionate, unsusceptible, onverbiddelik, onchristelik, onverbiddelike, harteloos, onmenslike, gevoelloos, veeleisende, toeters, carping
smalend, onbarmhartig, gevoelloos

Uncharitable    :onbarmhartig


Uncharitable - onbarmhartig



1. mean :: beteken

2. mean-spirited :: beteken-spirited

3. unkind :: onvriendelike

4. selfish :: selfsugtig

5. self-centered :: selfgesentreerde

6. inconsiderate :: onbedagsame

7. thoughtless :: onbesonne

8. insensitive :: onsensitief

9. unfriendly :: onvriendelike

10. unsympathetic :: onsimpatieke

11. hard-hearted :: hardvogtige

12. uncaring :: ongevoelig

13. unfeeling :: gevoelloos

14. ungenerous :: royaal

15. ungracious :: onhoffelijk

16. unfair :: onregverdige


1. bounteous :: vrijgevig

2. bountiful :: oorvloed

3. charitable :: liefdadigheid

4. generous :: ruim

5. liberal :: liberale

6. munificent :: milddadig

7. unsparing :: mild

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: uncharitable
Meaning and definitions of uncharitable, translation in Afrikaans language for uncharitable with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of uncharitable in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What uncharitable means in Afrikaans, uncharitable meaning in Afrikaans, uncharitable definition, examples and pronunciation of uncharitable in Afrikaans language.

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