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Skunk - (muishond) :: Some talk as if you were the skunk at the garden party

Spawn - (kuit) :: Although they are terrestrial creatures these crabs descend to the sea to spawn and their larvae live in salt water for a time

Kite - (vlieër) :: Inmates manage to pass kites or handwritten notes to each other

Order - (orde) :: Last month the government confirmed an order for two aircraft carriers at a cost of 3 billion


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Exciting - (opwindend) :: When we bought our house it came with many things an excitingly explosive stove for example but a properlyfenced boundary wasnt one of them

Exclude - (uitsluit) :: The National Marine Fisheries Service will provide the aquariums with a turtle excluder a device required on ocean shrimp trawls

Excuse - (verskoning) :: A cultural practice that is manifestly wrong on humanist grounds becomes the excuse for a colonizing mission whose tactics are in turn violent and unjust

Executive - (uitvoerende) :: The managing directors of the subsidiary organizations felt that the management executive would never see it their way and would continue to cut their budgets


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Symphony - (simfonie) :: I will let the image speak for itself for it has already spoken volumes to my heart in a symphony of simplicity and raw beauty

Synapse - (sinaps) :: This process allows the vesicles to dock to that part of the membrane where the neurotransmitters are due to be released into the synapse the active zone

Syncopation - (sinkopasie) ::

Taciturn - (stil) :: Our group was a taciturn group of actors from theater TV and film and we didnt even really meet beforehand


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Untiring (onvermoeide) :: The parish is grateful to him for his presence amongst us his spiritual anecdotes and his untiring priestly zeal for our spiritual welfare

Travel (reis) :: Youd have to travel back in time almost 20 years to find their origin

Apply (aansoek doen) :: to apply a name to sth

Direct (direkte) :: They need light but avoid direct sunlight as they may get scorched

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Meaning :: onakkuraatheid, onbepaalbaarheid, onsekerheid, , vervaag, vaagheid, ondeursigtigheid, raaisel, waas
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