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Pontiff - (Pous) :: Only three other pontiffs have led the Catholic church for as long as he did

Oratory - (oratorium) :: Beside this the oratory has a high beamed ceiling an exposed stone wall and views over the garden to the front and side

Chapel - (kapel) :: It was the first Nonconformist chapel in the area

Repeal - (herroeping) :: This repeal will be challenged as an invasion of state sovereignty but recall that Congress had no trouble in 1939 repealing the tax exemption of state and local employees

Skullcap - (kalotje) :: The attire of its male members with their black skullcaps is the strong symbol of the communitys identity


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Might - (mag) :: Powerful minds can project incredibly rich suggestions of what it might feel like but you dont know

Mild - (ligte) :: Those found guilty received relatively mild sentences no more than two years imprisonment in most cases suspended

Mile - (myl) :: It missed the other man by miles instead coming to rest beside Erics desk

Military - (militêre) :: Confident in their military prowess they preferred to try the arbitrament of war

Milk - (melk) :: the breed does seem to milk better in harder conditions


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Centurion - (Centurion) :: It indicates that there were two centurions that Caesar described with the names of T Pulfio and L Varenus and that the shows creators must have borrowed those names to depict the characters on the show

Cerebral - (serebrale) :: After giving off pontine and other branches the basilar artery divides into two posterior cerebral arteries at the upper border of the pons

Certitude - (sekerheid) :: One has certitude derived from a conviction that she is doctrinally correct

Chantey - (matrozen lied) :: At Copley he also exhibited a continuous 80 slide projection coupled with an audiotape showing a nineperson chorus singing sea chanteys with a pianist accompanying them


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Coupon (koepon) :: Commercials aired on the network would come equipped with their own technology for linking viewers to coupons or brochures for products

Convoke (convoceren) :: At one point he was inspired to compare this gathering to those convoked by workers movements a century ago

Tattoo (tatoeëermerk) :: So Ive had conversations before about the probability that I could be paid to tattoo an advert onto my skin

Unfruitful (onvrugbaar) :: This has led to some unfruitful lines of inquiry but as the investigation is ongoing it is not possible to comment further on specific cases

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