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English to Afrikaans Meaning
afneem, verlies, decrement, val, vermindering, vergifnis, vergoelikend, afname, inval, instorting, agteruitgang, ontoereikendheid
verminder, afneem, intrek, opdrag, smal, skiet tekort, val, bedaar, lees, studie, deur lees, loop in
afneem, kwyn

Decrease    :afneem


Decrease - afneem

Decreased :: afgeneem

Decreases :: afneem

Decreasing :: dalende


Related Words

1. decrease speed :: afname spoed


1. reduction :: vermindering

2. drop-off :: aflaai

3. decrement :: decrement

4. diminution :: vermindering


5. lessen :: verminder

6. reduce :: verminder

7. fall :: val


1. aggrandize :: verheerlik

2. amplify :: versterk

3. augment :: vul

4. boost :: hupstoot

5. enlarge :: vergroot

6. escalate :: eskaleer

7. expand :: uit te brei

8. increase :: Verhoog

9. raise :: in te samel

Different forms

decrease, decreased, decreases, decreasing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: decrease
Meaning and definitions of decrease, translation in Afrikaans language for decrease with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of decrease in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What decrease means in Afrikaans, decrease meaning in Afrikaans, decrease definition, examples and pronunciation of decrease in Afrikaans language.

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