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English to Afrikaans Meaning
diep, diepgaande, graf, digte, klink, gekonsentreer, intense, dik, passievolle, gereelde, kubieke, soliede, lank, hoog
diep, klink
diep, bluf, bona fide, heelhartige, vriendelik, gewelddadige, aanskoulike, virulente, drastiese
see, oseaan, pekel, diep, blou, zilt, gat, duik, den, gereg, grot, diepte, dik, holte, kloof

Deep    :diep


Deep - diep

Deepen :: verdiep

Deepened :: verdiep

Deepening :: verdieping

Deepens :: verdiep

Deeper :: dieper

Deepest :: diepste

Deeply :: diep

Deepness :: diepte

Deeps :: dieptes


Related Words

1. deep blue :: diep blou


1. cavernous :: kaverneuse

2. in depth ::

3. intense :: intense

4. sound :: klink

5. profound :: diepgaande

6. rapt :: opgetrek

7. obscure :: duister

8. low-pitched :: lae-frekwensie

9. dark :: donker

10. mystifying ::

11. rich :: ryk

12. abstruse :: diepsinnige

13. thick :: dik

14. bass :: bass


15. far down :: ver af

16. far :: ver

17. late :: laat

18. deeply ::


19. sea :: see

20. middle :: middel

21. oceanic abyss :: oseaniese afgrond


1. shallow :: vlak

2. shoal :: Shoal

3. skin-deep :: vel-diep

4. superficial :: oppervlakkige

5. surface :: oppervlak

Different forms

deep, deepen, deepened, deepening, deepens, deeper, deepest, deeply, deepness, deeps

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: deep
Meaning and definitions of deep, translation in Afrikaans language for deep with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of deep in Afrikaans and in English language.

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