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oplossing, regstelling, vergoed, salf, voorskrif, toevoer, wraak, tevredenheid, kuur, herstel, gesondheid, medisyne, dwelm, physiques
oplossing, voorsiening te maak vir, los, regstelling, wreek, voorkom, teen te werk, reg, versoening, toevoer, genees, kuur, physiques, herstel, bring om, korrekte

Remedy    :oplossing


Remedy - oplossing

Remedies :: middels

Remedying :: regstelling


Related Words

1. home remedy :: boereraat


1. treatment :: behandeling

2. solution :: oplossing

3. cure :: kuur

4. remediation :: remediëring


5. put/set right ::

6. cure :: kuur

7. relieve :: verlig

8. amend :: wysig

Different forms

remedies, remedy, remedying

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: remedy
Meaning and definitions of remedy, translation in Afrikaans language for remedy with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of remedy in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What remedy means in Afrikaans, remedy meaning in Afrikaans, remedy definition, examples and pronunciation of remedy in Afrikaans language.

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