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English to Afrikaans Meaning
teregwysing, stompe, sensuur, verwerping, verwijt, verwyt, blaam, veroordeling, afkeuring, laster, skande, beskuldiging, klad
bewering, toerekening, blaam, rap, vermaning, teregwysing, lesing, rap op, krap, berispen

Reproof    :teregwysing


Reproof - teregwysing

Reproofed :: reproofed

Reproofing :: herproef

Reproofs :: teregwysinge



1. rebuke :: teregwysing

2. reprimand :: teregwysing

3. reproach :: verwyt

4. admonishment ::

5. admonition :: vermaning

6. disapproval :: afkeuring

7. censure :: sensuur

8. criticism :: kritiek

9. condemnation :: veroordeling

10. dressing down ::


11. lambaste :: aftuigen

12. call down :: bel af

13. lambast ::

14. jaw :: kaak

15. bawl out :: joelen uit

16. chide :: twis

17. rag :: lap

18. rebuke :: teregwysing

19. remonstrate :: luidkeels

20. chew up :: kou up

21. take to task :: neem om taak

22. have words :: het woorde

23. berate :: raas

24. chew out :: kou uit

25. dress down :: rok af

26. trounce :: afrossen

27. lecture :: lesing

28. scold :: raas

29. reprimand :: teregwysing


1. citation :: aanhaling

2. commendation :: aanbeveling

Different forms

reproof, reproofed, reproofing, reproofs

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: reproof
Meaning and definitions of reproof, translation in Afrikaans language for reproof with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of reproof in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What reproof means in Afrikaans, reproof meaning in Afrikaans, reproof definition, examples and pronunciation of reproof in Afrikaans language.

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