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English to Afrikaans Meaning
boek, fiksie, romanse, inleiding, voorstel
fancy, boek, ongekende, in 'n uitstekende toestand, nuwe-fashioned, nuwe, van alle tye, jong, onlangse, vars, pasgebore, moderne

Novel    :boek


Novel - boek

Novelette :: novelle

Novelettes :: novelles

Novelist :: skrywer

Novelists :: skrywers

Novelization :: novelization

Novelizations :: Boeken

Novelize :: novelize

Novelizes :: novelizes

Novels :: romans


Related Words

1. the novel :: Die roman


1. new :: nuwe

2. original :: oorspronklike

3. unusual :: ongewone

4. unfamiliar :: onbekende

5. unconventional :: onkonvensionele

6. unorthodox :: onortodokse

7. different :: verskillende

8. fresh :: vars

9. imaginative :: verbeeldingryke

10. innovative :: innoverende

11. innovatory ::

12. inventive :: vindingryke

13. modern :: moderne

14. neoteric :: neoteric

15. avant-garde :: avant-garde

16. pioneering ::

17. groundbreaking :: baanbrekerswerk

18. revolutionary :: revolusionêre

19. rare :: skaars

20. unique :: unieke

21. singular :: enkelvoud

22. unprecedented :: ongekende

23. experimental :: eksperimentele

24. untested :: ongetoets

25. untried :: onverhoord

26. strange :: vreemde

27. exotic :: eksotiese

28. newfangled :: nuwerwetse


29. book :: boek

30. paperback :: Sagteband

31. hardcover :: hardeband

32. story :: storie

33. tale :: verhaal

34. narrative :: verhaal

35. romance :: romanse

36. roman à clef ::

37. piece of fiction :: stuk fiksie

38. bestseller :: beste verkoper

39. blockbuster :: blockbuster

40. potboiler :: brood skrywer

41. pulp (fiction) ::


1. familiar :: bekend

2. hackneyed :: geykte

3. old :: ou

4. tired :: moeg

Different forms

novel, novelette, novelettes, novelist, novelists, novelization, novelizations, novelize, novelizes, novels

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: novel
Meaning and definitions of novel, translation in Afrikaans language for novel with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of novel in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What novel means in Afrikaans, novel meaning in Afrikaans, novel definition, examples and pronunciation of novel in Afrikaans language.

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