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English to Afrikaans Meaning
kop, brein, homp, hoof, wenk, intellek, skedel, leier, prins, bevelvoerder, baas, serebrum, Top, toppunt, nek, keel
kop, vertrek, slaag, gaan saam, gaan vorentoe, lei, direkte, bevel, quarter, beampte, bestuur, hanteer, gedrag, werk, boude
opskrif, kop

Head    :kop


Head - kop

Headed :: onder leiding

Headily :: headily

Heading :: opskrif

Headless :: onthoofde

Heads :: koppe

Headship :: hoofskap

Headships :: headships

Subhead :: subhoof

Subheading :: post

Subheads :: subhoofde


Related Words

1. head office :: hoofkantoor


1. chief :: hoof


2. skull :: skedel

3. brain(s) ::

4. aptitude :: aanleg

5. leader :: leier

6. front :: front

7. source :: bron

8. froth :: skuim

9. forefront :: voorpunt

10. drumhead :: trommelvel

11. point :: punt

12. question :: vraag

13. headspring :: headspring

14. headway :: hoofweg

15. chief :: hoof

16. head word ::

17. header :: kop

18. oral sex :: orale seks

19. straits ::

20. foreland :: vir gebergte

21. mind :: gedagte

22. capitulum :: capitulum

23. school principal :: skoolhoof


24. lead :: lei

25. command :: bevel

26. move toward :: beweeg na

27. guide :: lei

28. head up :: kop omhoog


1. bottom :: onderkant

2. nadir :: nadir

Different forms

head, headed, headily, headless, heads, headship, headships, subhead, subheads

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: head
Meaning and definitions of head, translation in Afrikaans language for head with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of head in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What head means in Afrikaans, head meaning in Afrikaans, head definition, examples and pronunciation of head in Afrikaans language.

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