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kop, brein, homp, hoof, wenk, intellek, skedel, leier, prins, bevelvoerder, baas, serebrum, Top, toppunt, nek, keel
kop, vertrek, slaag, gaan saam, gaan vorentoe, lei, direkte, bevel, quarter, beampte, bestuur, hanteer, gedrag, werk, boude
opskrif, kop

Head    :kop


Head - kop

Headed :: onder leiding

Headily :: headily

Heading :: opskrif

Headless :: onthoofde

Heads :: koppe

Headship :: hoofskap

Headships :: headships

Subhead :: subhoof

Subheading :: post

Subheads :: subhoofde


Related Words

1. head office :: hoofkantoor


1. chief :: hoof


2. skull :: skedel

3. brain(s) ::

4. aptitude :: aanleg

5. leader :: leier

6. front :: front

7. source :: bron

8. froth :: skuim

9. forefront :: voorpunt

10. drumhead :: trommelvel

11. point :: punt

12. question :: vraag

13. headspring :: headspring

14. headway :: hoofweg

15. chief :: hoof

16. head word ::

17. header :: kop

18. oral sex :: orale seks

19. straits ::

20. foreland :: vir gebergte

21. mind :: gedagte

22. capitulum :: capitulum

23. school principal :: skoolhoof


24. lead :: lei

25. command :: bevel

26. move toward :: beweeg na

27. guide :: lei

28. head up :: kop omhoog


1. bottom :: onderkant

2. nadir :: nadir

Different forms

head, headed, headily, headless, heads, headship, headships, subhead, subheads

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: head
Meaning and definitions of head, translation in Afrikaans language for head with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of head in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What head means in Afrikaans, head meaning in Afrikaans, head definition, examples and pronunciation of head in Afrikaans language.

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