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English to Afrikaans Meaning
lê, leuenagtige, bogus, onwaar, fiktiewe, fabelagtige, spot

Mendacious    :leuenagtige


Mendacious - leuenagtige

Mendaciously :: mendaciously



1. lying :: lê

2. untruthful :: leuenagtige

3. dishonest :: oneerlik

4. deceitful :: bedrieglike

5. false ::

6. dissembling ::

7. insincere :: ernstig

8. disingenuous :: oneerlik

9. hypocritical :: skynheilige

10. fraudulent :: bedrieglike

11. double-dealing :: dubbel-hantering

12. two-faced :: twee-faced

13. Janus-faced ::

14. two-timing :: twee-tydsberekening

15. duplicitous :: dubbel

16. perjured ::

17. untrue :: onwaar

18. fictitious :: fiktiewe

19. falsified :: vervals

20. fabricated ::

21. fallacious :: valse

22. invented ::

23. made up ::

24. full of crap :: vol kak

25. perfidious :: troueloos


1. honest :: eerlik

2. veracious :: waarheid getrou

Different forms

mendacious, mendaciously

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: mendacious
Meaning and definitions of mendacious, translation in Afrikaans language for mendacious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of mendacious in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What mendacious means in Afrikaans, mendacious meaning in Afrikaans, mendacious definition, examples and pronunciation of mendacious in Afrikaans language.

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