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English to Afrikaans Meaning
kwik, waarskuwing, ondernemende, vinnige, wispelturig, wisselvallige, lewendige, harebrained, ligsinnig, begeesterde, moedig, rampant, lewenskragtige
kwik, onstandvastig, onvas

Mercurial    :kwik


Mercurial - kwik

Mercurially :: mercurially


Related Words


1. volatile :: vlugtige

2. capricious :: wispelturig

3. temperamental :: temperamentele

4. excitable :: prikkelbare

5. fickle :: wisselvallige

6. changeable :: verwissel

7. unpredictable :: onvoorspelbare

8. variable :: veranderlike

9. protean :: veranderend

10. mutable :: wispelturig

11. erratic :: wisselvallige

12. quicksilver :: kwiksilwer

13. inconstant :: onstandvastig

14. inconsistent :: strydig

15. unstable :: onstabiele

16. unsteady :: onvas

17. fluctuating :: wisselende

18. ever-changing :: immer veranderende

19. moody :: buierig

20. flighty :: loskop

21. wayward :: dwars

22. whimsical :: fantastiese

23. impulsive :: impulsiewe

24. labile :: labiele


1. certain :: sekere

2. constant :: konstante

3. immutable :: onveranderlike

4. invariable :: onveranderlike

5. stable :: stabiele

6. stationary :: stilstaande

7. steady :: bestendige

8. unchangeable :: onveranderlike

9. unchanging :: onveranderlike

Different forms

mercurial, mercurially

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: mercurial
Meaning and definitions of mercurial, translation in Afrikaans language for mercurial with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of mercurial in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What mercurial means in Afrikaans, mercurial meaning in Afrikaans, mercurial definition, examples and pronunciation of mercurial in Afrikaans language.

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