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primêre, elementêre, aanvanklike, basiese, elementele, fundamentele, noodsaaklik, onontbeerlike, nodig, onvermydelike, hoof, skoolhoof, prima, sleutel, belangrik
fundamentele, konstitutiewe, ingebore
basis, fondament, grond, grou, fundamentele, fundamentele beginsel, noodsaaklik, grondwerk, kiem, primêre

Fundamental    :fundamentele


Fundamental - fundamentele

Fundamentalism :: fundamentalisme

Fundamentalist :: fundamentalistiese

Fundamentalists :: fundamentaliste

Fundamentally :: fundamenteel

Fundamentals :: grondbeginsels


Related Words

1. fundamental to :: fundamenteel tot


1. basic :: basiese

2. underlying :: onderliggende

3. profound :: diepgaande

4. key :: sleutel


5. fundamental frequency :: fundamentele frekwensie


1. advanced :: gevorderde

Different forms

fundamental, fundamentalism, fundamentalist, fundamentalists, fundamentally, fundamentals

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: fundamental
Meaning and definitions of fundamental, translation in Afrikaans language for fundamental with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fundamental in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What fundamental means in Afrikaans, fundamental meaning in Afrikaans, fundamental definition, examples and pronunciation of fundamental in Afrikaans language.

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