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skril, gewelddadige, sober, stormagtige, rowwe, bitter, sterk, harde, hoogmoedig, verontwaardig, donderende, streng, ernstige, Stern
ernstige, sober, hout, onvriendelike, drukkende, onversierde, die rou, unrhetorical, onverbloemd, Frank, funky, diploma tisch, ware sin vir humor, simplex, unornamented

Austere    :sober


Austere - sober

Austerely :: austerely



1. severe :: ernstige

2. ascetic :: asketiese

3. plain :: vlakte

4. stern :: Stern

5. spartan ::


1. clement :: Clement

2. gentle :: sagte

3. lax :: laks

4. lenient :: toegeeflik

Different forms

austere, austerely

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: austere
Meaning and definitions of austere, translation in Afrikaans language for austere with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of austere in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What austere means in Afrikaans, austere meaning in Afrikaans, austere definition, examples and pronunciation of austere in Afrikaans language.

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