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English to Afrikaans Meaning
luisterryke, gunstige, vriendelike, gelukkig, billike, benadeel, goeie, voordelige, genadig, beter, beste, uitstekende
luisterryke, gunstige

Auspicious    :luisterryke


Auspicious - luisterryke

Auspiciously :: auspiciously

Auspiciousness :: gunstige


Related Words

1. auspicious occasion :: luisterryke geleentheid


1. favorable :: gunstige

2. propitious :: genadig

3. promising :: belowende

4. rosy :: rooskleurig

5. good :: goeie

6. encouraging :: bemoedigend

7. opportune :: gunstige

8. timely :: tydige

9. lucky :: gelukkig

10. fortunate :: gelukkig

11. providential :: voorsienige

12. felicitous :: gelukkige

13. advantageous :: voordelig


1. bleak :: somber

2. dark :: donker

3. depressing :: depressiewe

4. desperate :: desperate

5. dismal :: somber

6. dreary :: somber

7. gloomy :: somber

8. hopeless :: hopeloos

9. inauspicious :: ongelukkig

10. pessimistic :: pessimistiese

11. unlikely :: onwaarskynlik

Different forms

auspicious, auspiciously, auspiciousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: auspicious
Meaning and definitions of auspicious, translation in Afrikaans language for auspicious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of auspicious in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What auspicious means in Afrikaans, auspicious meaning in Afrikaans, auspicious definition, examples and pronunciation of auspicious in Afrikaans language.

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