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tjek, onderdrukking, selfbeheersing, breek, subdual, paaiement, vaar, boot, tyd, geleentheid, toesig, beheer, inspeksie, teregwysing
geperforeerde, voos, sellulêre, cellulate, tjek
stop, stilstand, ophou, breek, optrek, tjek, onderdruk, inhibeer, sit op, onderwerp, hou vas, roep 'n stilstand, staak, toom, beskerm
toom, tutor, bevat, bate, bevalling, randsteen, matige, tjek

Check    :tjek


Check - tjek

Checked :: nagegaan

Checking :: nagaan

Checks :: tjeks


Related Words

1. check out :: uitteken


1. examination :: ondersoek

2. control :: beheer

3. bank draft :: bankwissel

4. bill :: wetsontwerp

5. checkout :: uitteken

6. curb :: randsteen

7. assay :: toets

8. check mark :: vinkje

9. hitch :: haakplek

10. chip :: chip

11. bank check :: bank tjek

12. chit :: Chit

13. confirmation :: bevestiging

14. baulk :: balk


15. examine :: ondersoek

16. make sure :: maak seker

17. halt :: stilstand

18. suppress :: onderdruk

19. contain :: bevat

20. delay :: vertraging

21. watch :: kyk

22. condition :: toestand

23. assure :: verseker

24. checker :: checker

25. suss out :: suss uit

26. check out :: uitteken

27. chink :: skrefie

28. mark off :: merk af

29. gibe :: skimp

30. break :: breek


1. continuance :: voortsetting

Different forms

check, checked, checking, checks

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: check
Meaning and definitions of check, translation in Afrikaans language for check with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of check in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What check means in Afrikaans, check meaning in Afrikaans, check definition, examples and pronunciation of check in Afrikaans language.

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