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English to Afrikaans Meaning
opponency, teen slag, onenigheid, antagonisme, vyandigheid, rebellie
kompetisie, antagonisme, stryd, nydigheid, opposisie, oorlogvoering, vyandigheid, vyandskap, twis, teenspoed, onenigheid, penetrasie, verskil, verandering, split

Antagonism    :antagonisme


Antagonism - antagonisme

Antagonisms :: antagonisme



1. hostility :: vyandigheid

2. friction :: wrywing

3. enmity :: vyandskap

4. antipathy :: weersin

5. animus :: animus

6. opposition :: opposisie

7. dissension :: verdeeldheid

8. rivalry :: wedywering

9. acrimony :: skerp

10. bitterness ::

11. rancor :: wrok

12. resentment :: wrok

13. animosity :: vyandigheid

14. aversion :: weersin

15. dislike :: afkeer

16. ill feeling :: siek gevoel

17. ill will ::

18. bad blood :: slegte bloed


1. amity :: Amity

Different forms

antagonism, antagonisms

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: antagonism
Meaning and definitions of antagonism, translation in Afrikaans language for antagonism with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of antagonism in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What antagonism means in Afrikaans, antagonism meaning in Afrikaans, antagonism definition, examples and pronunciation of antagonism in Afrikaans language.

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