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oneerlik, bedrog, dwaling, defraudation, misleiding, hype, jongleren, spoof, boef, Bedrieër, sponssiekte, rook, bedrieër
uitoorlê, oneerlik, vab, bedrieg, hoax, afsettery, hype, jongleren, omseil, mislei, oplê, verlei, bluf, wys 'n weegbree, bedotten, Hood Wink
oneerlik, gull, misleiding, beet neem, bedotten, cozen, roof

Cheat    :oneerlik


Cheat - oneerlik

Cheated :: verkul

Cheater :: cheater

Cheaters :: cheaters

Cheating :: kullery

Cheats :: cheats


Related Words

1. cheat on :: verneuk


1. swindler ::

2. swindle :: afsettery

3. darnel :: onkruid

4. chess :: skaak

5. cheating ::

6. deceiver ::


7. swindle :: afsettery

8. avoid :: verhoed

9. commit adultery :: egbreek

10. jockey :: jokkie

11. chisel :: beitel

12. cuckold :: Cuckold

13. rip off ::


1. content :: inhoud

2. gratify :: bevredig

3. satisfy :: Bevredig

Different forms

cheat, cheated, cheater, cheaters, cheating, cheats

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: cheat
Meaning and definitions of cheat, translation in Afrikaans language for cheat with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of cheat in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What cheat means in Afrikaans, cheat meaning in Afrikaans, cheat definition, examples and pronunciation of cheat in Afrikaans language.

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