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English to Afrikaans Meaning
onelastiese, onbuigsaam

Intransigent    :onversetlike


Intransigent - onversetlike

Intransigently :: intransigently

Intransigents :: intransigents


Related Words

1. intransigent :: onversetlike


1. uncompromising :: onwrikbare

2. inflexible :: onbuigsaam

3. unbending :: onbuigbare

4. unyielding :: onwrikbare

5. diehard ::

6. unshakable :: onwrikbaar

7. unwavering :: onwrikbare

8. resolute :: vasberade

9. rigid :: rigiede

10. unaccommodating :: ontegemoetkomend

11. uncooperative :: saamwerk nie

12. stubborn :: hardnekkige

13. obstinate :: hard koppig

14. obdurate :: halsstarrig

15. pigheaded :: koppig

16. single-minded :: enkelgesind

17. iron-willed :: yster-wou

18. stiff-necked :: hardnekkige


1. agreeable :: aangenaam

2. amenable :: vatbaar

3. compliant :: voldoen

4. flexible :: buigsaam

5. pliable :: soepel

6. pliant :: soepel

Different forms

intransigent, intransigently, intransigents

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: intransigent
Meaning and definitions of intransigent, translation in Afrikaans language for intransigent with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of intransigent in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What intransigent means in Afrikaans, intransigent meaning in Afrikaans, intransigent definition, examples and pronunciation of intransigent in Afrikaans language.

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