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141. friendly (vriendelike) :: The idea sprang from the cost to convert the simulators to friendly lighting for night vision goggles
142. friendship (vriendskap) :: Yes they say that your future partner is your best friend and that friendship can turn into love
143. frighten (skrik) :: What was it about this project that had frightened them off
144. frightened (bang) :: One resident who lived in the street at the time but asked not be named said some were still frightened of him
145. frightening (skrikwekkende) :: thats a frightening thought
146. from (van) :: Regular buses from Saranda make the journey or you can haggle a price with a taxi driver
148. frozen (bevrore) ::
149. fruit (vrugte) :: It was their just reward last week to see the fruits of their labour come to fruition and be recognised
150. fry (braai) :: Bush has passed a fair proportion of his setting new records for the number of felons you can fry in a single year
151. fuel (brandstof) :: What happened in Bali sickens me and not only because of the appalling suffering and loss of life but because of the way it added spurious fuel to the cause of the warmongers
152. full (volle) :: The bank responded by saying that if you gave a full account of the costs it would meet them
153. fully (ten volle) :: This and related issues are explored more fully in the remainder of this chapter
154. fun (pret) :: Intelligent and obedient this breed also has a character full of fun
155. function (funksie) :: to attend a social function
156. fund (fonds) :: In tandem with a pension fund we could have a wealth fund for every child born in the country
157. fundamental (fundamentele) :: The standing wave with the longest wavelength is called the fundamental the overtone number keeps count of the number of halfwavelengths
158. funeral (begrafnis) :: in the afternoon hed attended a funeral
159. funny (snaaks) :: it was funny as hell
160. fur (pels) :: The activists targeted Hartleys fashion store because of a small number of garments featuring rabbit fur collars

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