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English to Afrikaans Meaning
snaaks, amusante, ongelooflike, verbysterende, queer, uitgepluis, rum, onverklaarbaar, vreemd
amusante, snaaks, spot, vrolik, vreemde, nuuskierig, vreemd, kinky, belaglik, lagwekkend, absurd, klug

Funny    :snaaks


Funny - snaaks

Funner :: funner

Funnest :: funnest

Funnies :: aardigheidjes

Funnily :: Snaaks

Unfunny :: unfunny


Related Words

1. very funny :: baie snaaks


1. amusing :: amusante

2. strange :: vreemde

3. suspicious :: verdagte

4. risible :: lachwekkend

5. singular :: enkelvoud


6. funny story :: snaakse storie


1. lame :: lam

Different forms

funner, funnest, funnies, funnily, funny, unfunny

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: funny
Meaning and definitions of funny, translation in Afrikaans language for funny with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of funny in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What funny means in Afrikaans, funny meaning in Afrikaans, funny definition, examples and pronunciation of funny in Afrikaans language.

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Bent - (gebuig) :: He mixes easily with criminals and suspicions abound that he was a bent copper who left under a cloud

Cocky - (verwaand) :: It is good to walk in with confidence and a friendly smile but not be overly confident and cocky

Overawe - (oor donder) :: They say ignorance is bliss and that proved to be the case because I wasnt overawed in that first game

Sly - (skelm) :: The dialogue is often artful with sly suggestions that the seeds of various Shakespearean plots and themes were sown in the muck of their messy affair

Vital - (noodsaaklik) :: This procedure uses artificial extracorporeal circulation to provide oxygenated blood to vital organs while the heart is stopped


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Cell - (sel) :: He was a man who delighted in escaping from the business of life into his scriptoriolum a small library attached to his monastic cell

Cell phone - (loopfoon) ::

Cent - (sent) :: Protests were led by many of New Zealands top players none of whom takes a cent in appearance money for their national open

Central - (sentrale) :: Council cabinet members next week are expected to approve a proposal that would see the pilot project extended to cover the Maltby and central Rotherham area


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Querulous - (klaende) :: As a professional for example Dr Sermond presides with creeping midlife ennui over a querulous clientele to whom he gives little more than amused compassionmuch of it arising from his own seeming lack of problems

Quibble - (verskoning) :: A gaggle of quibblers complain that chickens do fly albeit short distances

Quintessential - (tipies) :: Thus though something of a rebel in British academic society he was also quintessentially British

Quirk - (flater) :: Leya nodded absently staring at the photographs her lips quirking into a smirk


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