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141. colleague (kollega) :: Despite the best efforts of his colleagues and emergency services he died at the scene
142. collect (versamel) :: I think most people buying Gundam and Metal Gear Solid toys are older people who collect action figures rather than play with them
143. collection (versameling) :: Instead many are finding holistic panaceas and a philosophy which views the patient as a whole body rather than as a disease or a collection of symptoms more beneficial
144. college (kollege) :: She said she had enjoyed seeing how former pupils fared at secondary school and college and later working in jobs in the area
145. colour (kleur) :: for colour plant groups of winterflowering pansies
147. column (kolom) :: Barely had the ink dried on last weeks column than the phone rang
148. combination (kombinasie) :: She opened the school door and went running down the hall to her locker she quickly twirled her combination and opened her locker and grabbed her book
149. combine (kombineer) :: On fields with wide variability in growth and maturity it may be advantageous to harvest it in sections adjusting the combine to match the crop conditions in each section
150. come (kom) :: come here
151. comedy (komedie) :: Much of the comedy is improvised giving willing punters a chance to join in the fun and those less willing a chance to simply sit back and watch
152. comfort (troos) :: There is a genteel air of comfort and prosperity here and a crisp and clean environment only adds to it
153. comfortable (gemaklik) :: The other volunteers made a big effort to show me the ropes and I was comfortable in no time at all
155. command (bevel) :: This is evidence that not only are people buying homes but that demand in the market is strong enough to command premium asking prices
156. comment (kommentaar) :: I was disappointed by the review and didnt bother to comment on it as a result
157. commercial (kommersiƫle) :: He is sure that the commercial will encourage people to come here for a holiday
158. commission (kommissie) :: For her premiere commission she wrote what I knew about her experience of working in innercity primary schools
159. commit (pleeg) :: He faces charges of attempted murder and aiding the enemy and conspiracy to commit war crimes
160. commitment (toewyding) :: the companys commitment to quality

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