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English to Afrikaans Meaning
kleur, verf, troef pak, kleurstof, soort, vorm, wyse, genre, brief, kaste, ras
kleur, kleurstof, verf, tinktuur, dring, imbrue, bewys, argumenteer, staaf, verifieer, oordryf, rek, oortrek, borduur, dryf

Colour    :kleur


Colour - kleur

Colourant :: kleurstof

Colourants :: kleurstowwe

Coloured :: gekleurde

Coloureds :: bruin

Colourful :: kleurvolle

Colouring :: kleur

Colourist :: koloris

Colourists :: colourists

Colourization :: colourization

Colourize :: colourize

Colourizes :: colourizes

Colourless :: kleurlose

Colours :: kleure


Related Words

1. hair color :: haar kleur


1. hue :: kleur

2. paint :: verf

3. redness :: rooi

4. skin coloring :: vel kleur

5. vividness ::

6. coloring :: kleur

7. gloss :: glans

8. coloration :: kleur


9. tint :: tint

10. blush :: bloos

11. influence :: invloed

12. exaggerate :: oordryf

13. distort :: verdraai

14. gloss :: glans

15. emblazon :: emblazon

16. colourise ::

17. discolor :: discolor

Different forms

colour, colourant, colourants, coloured, coloureds, colourful, colouring, colourist, colourists, colourization, colourize, colourizes, colourless, colours

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: colour
Meaning and definitions of colour, translation in Afrikaans language for colour with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of colour in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What colour means in Afrikaans, colour meaning in Afrikaans, colour definition, examples and pronunciation of colour in Afrikaans language.

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