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61. fill (vul) :: The fill also contained a large number of restorable vessels with an unusually high incidence of Mycenaean imports
63. final (finale) :: But it must throw into doubt the ability of the tribunal to be a final arbitrator of disputes
65. finance (finansies) :: The firings will affect all areas including the companys corporate finance and stockbroking arms
66. financial (finansiƫle) :: Your employer has just passed the risk of ongoing financial market turbulence to you
67. find (vind) :: We had to go up four levels to get to the bikes and arrived to find the others waiting
68. fine (fyn) :: He will make a fine speech on the title in the next couple of minutes
69. finely (fyn) ::
70. finger (vinger) :: But that doesnt mean defense attorneys and reformers should resign themselves to a conviction every time a client is fingered by a victims last words
71. finish (afwerking) :: The homeowner used a sage green stain to finish her garden wall
72. finished (klaar) :: Ill be finished by the time you get home
73. fire (vuur) :: Associated with the element of fire and the sun in astrology the plant was often used in floral oracle readings
74. firm (firma) :: We the lesser fry may enjoy the luxury of shaking and red eyes but we expect the man at the top to be firm unfaltering and resolute
76. first (eerste) :: youre a parent first and teacher second
77. fish (vis) :: Their attempt to soften the electorates impression of her as a scientific cold fish is one of the few amusing spectacles in a grim political landscape
78. fishing (visvang) :: It smacks to me of a fishing expedition in the hope it may justify the prolonged nature of this otherwise pointless enquiry
79. fit (pas) :: That must go as far as not working excessive hours and being fit for the job they are doing at the time
80. five (vyf) :: there are five of us

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