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Soek, vind, spoor, ontdekking, vraag, uitvinding, bevinding, breinkind, aankoms, bereik, toevoer, uitgawe, kwitansie
kry, voel soos, vind, het, wees bewus van, ontvang, ontdek, opschommelen, spoor, opgrawe, vind uit, groet, opspoor, uitsoek, jag uit, jag op

Find    :vind


Find - vind

Finder :: Well

Finders :: vinders

Finding :: bevinding

Findings :: bevindings

Finds :: vondse


Related Words


1. discovery :: ontdekking

2. good buy :: goeie koop

3. uncovering ::

4. breakthrough :: deurbraak


5. locate :: spoor

6. discover :: ontdek

7. retrieve :: haal

8. obtain :: verkry

9. summon (up) ::

10. be (present) ::

11. consider :: oorweeg

12. judge :: regter

13. arrive at :: kom by

14. see :: sien

15. observe :: neem

16. feel :: voel

17. determine :: bepaal

18. find oneself :: vind jouself

19. come up :: kom boontoe

20. happen :: gebeur

21. rule :: reël

22. regain ::

23. recover :: herstel


1. miss :: mis

2. overlook :: miskyk

Different forms

find, finder, finders, finding, findings, finds

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: find
Meaning and definitions of find, translation in Afrikaans language for find with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of find in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What find means in Afrikaans, find meaning in Afrikaans, find definition, examples and pronunciation of find in Afrikaans language.

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