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English to Afrikaans Meaning
vuur, Ingle, brandende, vuur god, krag, spysverteringstelsel krag, geraas, verwoestende brand, nabygeveg, baklei sien, voorval, brandstof, vuurmaakhout, spunk, Pep
vuur, verlig, irriteer, vlam, aansteek, verf, ontslag, raak af, merk, skiet, fusillade, watersnip, prop, Poef

Fire    :vuur


Fire - vuur

Fired :: afgedank

Fires :: vure

Firing :: afvuur

Firings :: firings


Related Words


1. blaze :: brand

2. dynamism :: dinamika

3. gunfire :: geweerskote

4. criticism :: kritiek

5. flaming :: vlam

6. attack :: aanval

7. firing :: afvuur

8. fervor :: ywer


9. launch :: bekendstelling

10. shoot :: skiet

11. dismiss :: ontslaan

12. start :: begin

13. stimulate :: stimuleer

14. fuel :: brandstof

15. give notice :: kennis gee

16. discharge :: ontslag

17. raise :: in te samel

18. open fire :: oop vuur

19. burn down :: afbrand


Different forms

fire, fired, fires, firing, firings

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: fire
Meaning and definitions of fire, translation in Afrikaans language for fire with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fire in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What fire means in Afrikaans, fire meaning in Afrikaans, fire definition, examples and pronunciation of fire in Afrikaans language.

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Meaning :: gedink, nadenken, herkou, , beweging
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