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English to Afrikaans Meaning
suiwer, gelegeerd, ware, netjies, ongemeng, duidelik, vars, outentieke, korrekte
kosher, werklike, suiwer en eenvoudig, sowaar, gelegeerd, droë, suiwer, waterlose

Unalloyed    :gelegeerd


Unalloyed - gelegeerd



1. pure :: suiwer

2. unadulterated :: suiwer

3. unalloyed :: gelegeerd

4. genuine :: ware

5. neat :: netjies

6. unmixed :: ongemeng

7. clear :: duidelik

8. fresh :: vars

9. authentic :: outentieke

10. true ::

11. correct :: korrekte

12. kosher :: kosher

13. real :: werklike

14. Genuine ::

15. pure and simple :: suiwer en eenvoudig

16. sure-enough :: sowaar

17. dry :: droë

18. waterless :: waterlose


1. adulterated :: vervalste

2. impure :: onsuiwer

3. mixed :: gemengde

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: unalloyed
Meaning and definitions of unalloyed, translation in Afrikaans language for unalloyed with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of unalloyed in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What unalloyed means in Afrikaans, unalloyed meaning in Afrikaans, unalloyed definition, examples and pronunciation of unalloyed in Afrikaans language.

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