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English to Afrikaans Meaning
metgesel, koninklike beampte, vleier, raadslid, gepaardgaande, volgeling, sycophant, slijmerd, padda-eter, padda-eet
vleier, kruip, vleien, ligbruin
vleier, padda-eter, vleien

Toady    :vleier


Toady - vleier

Toadies :: Toadies

Toadying :: toadying

Toadyism :: pluimstrijkerij


Related Words


1. sycophant :: sycophant

2. brown-noser :: bruin-verklikker

3. lickspittle :: slijmerd

4. flatterer ::

5. flunky :: flunky

6. lackey :: lakei

7. trained seal :: opgelei seël

8. doormat :: deurmat

9. stooge :: assistent

10. cringer ::

11. bootlicker ::

12. suck-up :: suig-up

13. yes-man :: Ja man

14. kiss-ass :: soen-ass

15. ass-kisser :: gat-kisser


16. grovel to :: kruip om

17. ingratiate oneself with :: ingratiate jouself met

18. be obsequious to :: wees kruiperig te

19. kowtow to :: flinkflooien

20. pander to :: koppelaar aan

21. crawl to :: kruip om

22. truckle to :: wieltje om

23. bow and scrape to :: buig en skraap om

24. curry favor with :: kerrie guns was by die

25. make up to :: make-up vir

26. fawn on/over ::

27. slaver over :: Slaver oor

28. flatter ::

29. adulate ::

30. suck up to :: suig aan

31. lick the boots of :: lek die stewels van

32. butter up :: heuning om die mond smeer

Different forms

toadies, toady, toadying, toadyism

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: toady
Meaning and definitions of toady, translation in Afrikaans language for toady with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of toady in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What toady means in Afrikaans, toady meaning in Afrikaans, toady definition, examples and pronunciation of toady in Afrikaans language.

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