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English to Afrikaans Meaning
dun, verdun, sleazy, skraal, vaag, swak, smal, sopraan, fyn, tenoor, maer, verswak, hoogtepunt, ondervoed
sieklike, benige, effense, dun
dun, fyn, verdun, verminder, verswak, vervloei, versag, maak vloeistof, afwater, smelt, ontdooi

Thin    :dun


Thin - dun

Thinly :: dun

Thinness :: dun

Thins :: verdunt


Related Words

1. tall and thin :: lank en skraal


1. narrow :: smal

2. lightweight :: liggewig

3. slim :: skraal

4. sparse :: yl

5. watery :: waterige

6. weak :: swak

7. insubstantial :: bedruk

8. lean :: maer

9. slender :: skraal

10. slight :: effense


11. dilute :: verdun

12. disperse :: versprei

13. reduce :: verminder


14. thinly ::


1. chubby :: mollig

2. corpulent :: gesette

3. fat :: vet

4. gross :: bruto

5. obese :: vetsugtig

6. overweight :: oorgewig

7. plump :: plomp

8. portly :: deftig

9. rotund :: welgedaan

10. tubby :: Tubby

Different forms

thin, thinly, thinness, thins

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: thin
Meaning and definitions of thin, translation in Afrikaans language for thin with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of thin in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What thin means in Afrikaans, thin meaning in Afrikaans, thin definition, examples and pronunciation of thin in Afrikaans language.

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