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soortgelyk, analoog, soos, ooreenstemmende, dieselfde, dupliseer, gelyk, harmonieuse, identiese, uniform, identies, soos hierdie
al een aan, skoon, soortgelyk, gelykstaande, uniform

Similar    :soortgelyk


Similar - soortgelyk

Similarities :: ooreenkomste

Similarity :: ooreenkoms

Similarly :: Net so


Related Words

1. similar to :: soortgelyk aan


1. alike :: gelyk

2. comparable :: vergelykbaar

3. interchangeable :: verwissel

4. like :: soos


1. different :: verskillende

2. dissimilar :: uiteenlopende

3. diverse :: diverse

4. unlike :: In teenstelling met

Different forms

similar, similarities, similarity, similarly

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: similar
Meaning and definitions of similar, translation in Afrikaans language for similar with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of similar in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What similar means in Afrikaans, similar meaning in Afrikaans, similar definition, examples and pronunciation of similar in Afrikaans language.

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