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English to Afrikaans Meaning
gal, ergernis, tugtiging, wrang, teenspoed, ondanks, vyandigheid, weersin, vooroordeel, marteling, moeilikheid, angs, nood
skaaf, gal, kabbeling, terg, hond, irriteer, lok, vergiftigen, pla, teister, molesteer, baie kwaai kyk

Gall    :gal


Gall - gal

Galled :: galled

Galling :: irritatie

Galls :: gallen


Related Words

1. gall bladder :: galblaas


1. effrontery :: brutaliteit

2. bitterness ::

3. irritation :: irritasie

4. sore :: seer

5. bile :: gal

6. resentment :: wrok

7. saddle sore :: saal seer

8. cheekiness ::


9. irritate :: irriteer

10. irk :: irk

11. fret :: kabbeling

Different forms

gall, galled, galling, galls

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: gall
Meaning and definitions of gall, translation in Afrikaans language for gall with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gall in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What gall means in Afrikaans, gall meaning in Afrikaans, gall definition, examples and pronunciation of gall in Afrikaans language.

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