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English to Afrikaans Meaning
swak, getikt, sagte, lafhartig, swaksinnig, klein-minded, beteken-minded, moeg, skugter, lafaard, lafhartige, bang

Pusillanimous    :lafhartig


Pusillanimous - lafhartig

Pusillanimously :: pusillanimously


Related Words

1. pusillanimous :: lafhartig


1. timid :: skugter

2. timorous :: bedeesde

3. cowardly :: lafhartige

4. fearful :: bang

5. faint-hearted :: sissies

6. lily-livered :: lelie lafhartig

7. spineless :: ruggraatlose

8. craven :: Craven

9. shrinking ::

10. chicken :: hoender

11. gutless :: sonder ruggegraat

12. wimpy ::

13. wimpish ::

14. sissy :: sissie

15. yellow :: geel

16. yellow-bellied :: geel-bellied


1. brave :: dapper

2. courageous :: moedige

3. daring :: durf

4. dauntless :: onversaagd

5. doughty :: dapper

6. gallant :: galante

7. hardy :: geharde

8. intrepid :: onverskrokke

9. stalwart :: staatmaker

10. stout :: stout

11. valiant :: dapper

12. valorous :: dapper

Different forms

pusillanimous, pusillanimously

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: pusillanimous
Meaning and definitions of pusillanimous, translation in Afrikaans language for pusillanimous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of pusillanimous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What pusillanimous means in Afrikaans, pusillanimous meaning in Afrikaans, pusillanimous definition, examples and pronunciation of pusillanimous in Afrikaans language.

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