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Stoke    :Stoke


Stoke - Stoke

Stoked :: aangeblaas

Stokes :: Stokes

Stoking :: stook


Related Words

1. stoke :: Stoke


1. add fuel to :: voeg brandstof aan

2. keep burning :: hou brand

3. tend :: neig


1. abate :: bedaar

2. decrease :: afneem

3. diminish :: verminder

4. dwindle :: agteruit gaan

5. lessen :: verminder

6. lower :: laer

7. reduce :: verminder

Different forms

stoke, stoked, stokes, stoking

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: stoke
Meaning and definitions of stoke, translation in Afrikaans language for stoke with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of stoke in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What stoke means in Afrikaans, stoke meaning in Afrikaans, stoke definition, examples and pronunciation of stoke in Afrikaans language.

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