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vordering, bevorder, bevordering, ontwikkeling, hoofweg, voorspoed, verbetering, groei, styg, Verhoog, inkrement, in te samel, beweging
slaag, gaan saam, kom oor die weg, beweeg voorentoe, maak, vordering, druk deur, gaan aan, stoot saam, stoot af, groei, vul, ontwikkel, wees op die verhoging, word groot

Progress    :vordering


Progress - vordering

Progressed :: gevorder

Progresses :: vorder

Progressing :: vorder


Related Words

1. in progress :: aan die gang


1. forward movement :: vorentoe beweging

2. development :: ontwikkeling

3. advancement :: bevordering

4. advance :: bevorder


5. go :: gaan

6. develop :: ontwikkel

7. build up ::

8. advance :: bevorder


1. recess :: reses

2. recession :: resessie

3. regress :: agteruitgang

4. regression :: regressie

5. retreat :: retreat

6. retrogression :: agteruitgang

Different forms

progress, progressed, progresses, progressing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: progress
Meaning and definitions of progress, translation in Afrikaans language for progress with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of progress in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What progress means in Afrikaans, progress meaning in Afrikaans, progress definition, examples and pronunciation of progress in Afrikaans language.

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