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English to Afrikaans Meaning
veragtelike, haatlike, grusame, gehaat, veragtelik, afskuwelike, skokkende, verdoem, gruwelike, damn, vervelig, irriterende, verwarrend, afweermiddel, lastige
skandelik, gehaat, afstootlik, naar, walglike, afweermiddel

Odious    :gehaat


Odious - gehaat

Odiously :: odiously

Odiousness :: hatelijk


Related Words


1. revolting :: oproerige

2. repulsive :: afstootlik

3. repellent :: afweermiddel

4. repugnant :: afstootlike

5. disgusting :: disgusting

6. offensive :: offensief

7. objectionable :: aanstootlike

8. vile :: veragtelike

9. foul :: vuil

10. abhorrent :: gruwelike

11. loathsome :: walglike

12. nauseating :: walglike

13. sickening :: walglike

14. hateful :: haatlike

15. detestable :: afskuwelike

16. execrable :: afskuwelike

17. abominable :: gruwelike

18. monstrous :: monsteragtige

19. appalling :: haglike

20. reprehensible :: verwerplik

21. deplorable :: betreurenswaardig

22. insufferable :: ondraaglike

23. intolerable :: ondraaglik

24. despicable :: veragtelike

25. contemptible :: veragtelik

26. unspeakable :: onuitspreeklike

27. atrocious :: gruwelike

28. awful :: vreeslike

29. terrible :: verskriklike

30. dreadful :: vreeslike

31. frightful :: vreeslike

32. obnoxious :: onaangenaam

33. unsavory :: onsmaaklike

34. unpalatable :: onsmaaklik

35. unpleasant :: onaangename

36. disagreeable :: onaangename

37. nasty :: nare

38. noisome :: verderflike

39. distasteful :: onsmaaklik

40. ghastly :: woede

41. horrible :: aaklig

42. horrid :: aaklige

43. gross :: bruto

44. godawful ::

45. beastly :: vreeslik


1. innocuous :: onskadelike

2. inoffensive :: argeloos

Different forms

odious, odiously, odiousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: odious
Meaning and definitions of odious, translation in Afrikaans language for odious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of odious in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What odious means in Afrikaans, odious meaning in Afrikaans, odious definition, examples and pronunciation of odious in Afrikaans language.

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