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tjok, Meld, bole, blok, onderkant, hindernis, versperring, bunker, obstruksie, boude, stomp, boude einde, voorraad, stam, randsteen
belemmer, tjek, klomp, stop, Meld

Log    :Meld


Log - Meld

Logan :: Logan

Loges :: Loges

Logs :: logs

Logy :: logie


Related Words

1. log in :: teken aan


1. branch :: tak

2. record :: rekord

3. logarithm :: logaritme


4. register :: registreer

5. attain :: bereik

6. cut down trees :: kap bome

7. lumber :: hout

Different forms

log, logan, loges, logs, logy

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: log
Meaning and definitions of log, translation in Afrikaans language for log with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of log in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What log means in Afrikaans, log meaning in Afrikaans, log definition, examples and pronunciation of log in Afrikaans language.

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