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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: October
Meaning and definitions of October, translation in Afrikaans language for October with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of October in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What October means in Afrikaans, October meaning in Afrikaans, October definition, examples and pronunciation of October in Afrikaans language.

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Spot - (spot) :: She is making her weekly trip into Wellington for a spot of shopping

Stream - (stroom) :: I spat out a stream of the clear liquid quickly before tumbling out of the bathtub face first as I surfaced

Bake - (bak) :: The blazing hot sun continued to bake the entire landscape at a consistent 102 degrees

Constellation - (konstellasie) :: North of Orion lies a pentagon of stars which mark the constellation Auriga the brightest of which is Capella


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Stress - (spanning) :: Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material

Stressed - (beklemtoon) ::

Stretch - (rek) :: its too easyit doesnt stretch me

Strict - (streng) :: We want strict adherence to the Constitution as was intended by the founding fathers


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Dexterous - (behendig) :: Signing and talking use the same communication centre in the brain but while the vocal muscles dont really develop until 18 months a baby is dextrous enough to make readable signs from about eight months old

Diaphanous - (doorzichtig) :: I attended his lectures on perception in the 1960s and am touched to discover that he too was taken in as a child by the illusion that cinema curtains are diaphanous

Dichotomy - (digotomie) :: But such simple dichotomies incorrectly assume there are easy distinctions to be made between the virtual and the actual subject and object or human and machine

Didactic - (didaktiese) :: In order not to sound too didactic or pedantic the lecturer added anecdotes and personal comments


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Signor (signor) :: You seem to have taken all of the best cards signore

Alias (alias) :: Shaun Hutson alias The Godfather of Gore made his name as a horror writer with novels like Slugs Spawn and Relics

Polymath (polymath) :: Writing in The New York Times Book Review Judith Shulevitz gushed Novelists in short have become our public intellectuals our polymaths our geographers our scholars of the material world

Sauna (sauna) :: After swimming guests can take a sauna or gentle steam bath tone up in the gym or have a jog on the beaches

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Verb :: waardeer, bewonder, jubel, , lof, opsigte, vereer, agting, eer, waarde, julle verlustig, aanbidding, aanbid, werf, Bid, word gewy
Meaning :: bewonder, jubel, trompet, vergroot
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