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klassieke, ace, eerste koers, ongekende, ontoeganklike, onsmaaklik
suiwer, vars, outentieke, korrekte, klassieke, opgehou, nugter, sparing, beste, voorste, pragtige

Classic    :klassieke


Classic - klassieke

Classicism :: klassisisme

Classics :: klassieke


Related Words

1. classic rock :: klassieke rock


1. definitive :: definitiewe

2. typical :: tipiese

3. simple :: eenvoudige

4. classical :: klassieke


5. definitive example :: definitiewe voorbeeld


1. atrocious :: gruwelike

2. awful :: vreeslike

3. execrable :: afskuwelike

4. lousy :: slegte

5. pathetic :: pateties

6. poor :: swak

7. rotten :: vrot

8. terrible :: verskriklike

9. vile :: veragtelike

10. wretched :: ellendig

Different forms

classic, classicism, classics

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: classic
Meaning and definitions of classic, translation in Afrikaans language for classic with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of classic in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What classic means in Afrikaans, classic meaning in Afrikaans, classic definition, examples and pronunciation of classic in Afrikaans language.

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