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English to Afrikaans Meaning
moedswillig, dekmantel-en-dolk, verskriklike, rusteloos, ondeunde, kwaai, drastiese, rampant, intense, woedend, desperate, formidabele, oproerige, val
skurk, boef, moedswillig, buitengewoon groot, onreëlmatige, ongemaklike, koppig, poenig

Obstreperous    :moedswillig


Obstreperous - moedswillig

Obstreperously :: obstreperously

Obstreperousness :: obstreperousness



1. unruly :: oproerige

2. unmanageable :: onbeheerbaar

3. disorderly :: wanordelike

4. undisciplined :: ongedissiplineerde

5. uncontrollable :: onbeheerbare

6. rowdy :: rumoerige

7. disruptive ::

8. truculent :: militant

9. difficult :: moeilik

10. refractory :: vuurvaste

11. rebellious :: opstandige

12. mutinous :: oproerig

13. riotous :: oproerige

14. out of control :: buite beheer

15. wild :: wilde

16. turbulent :: onstuimige

17. uproarious :: stormachtig

18. boisterous :: lawaaierige

19. noisy :: lawaaierige

20. loud :: hard

21. clamorous :: onrustig

22. raucous :: hees

23. vociferous :: luidkeels

24. rambunctious :: rambunctious


1. amenable :: vatbaar

2. compliant :: voldoen

3. docile :: mak

4. obedient :: gehoorsaam

5. submissive :: onderdanig

6. tractable :: soepel

Different forms

obstreperous, obstreperously, obstreperousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: obstreperous
Meaning and definitions of obstreperous, translation in Afrikaans language for obstreperous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of obstreperous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What obstreperous means in Afrikaans, obstreperous meaning in Afrikaans, obstreperous definition, examples and pronunciation of obstreperous in Afrikaans language.

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