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Maverick, vagebond, nachtbraker, trekvogel, leeglêer, buggy, rondloper, boheemse, Rom, nomade, swerwer, Romany

Maverick    :Maverick


Maverick - Maverick

Mavericks :: Mavericks



1. individualist :: individualis

2. nonconformist :: afgescheidene

3. free spirit :: vrye gees

4. unorthodox person :: onortodokse persoon

5. original :: oorspronklike

6. eccentric :: eksentrieke

7. rebel :: rebel

8. dissenter :: afgescheidene

9. dissident :: dissident

10. enfant terrible :: enfant terrible

11. cowboy :: cowboy

12. loose cannon :: los kanon

13. bad boy :: stout seun


14. irregular :: onreëlmatige

15. unorthodox :: onortodokse


Different forms

maverick, mavericks

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: maverick
Meaning and definitions of maverick, translation in Afrikaans language for maverick with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of maverick in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What maverick means in Afrikaans, maverick meaning in Afrikaans, maverick definition, examples and pronunciation of maverick in Afrikaans language.

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