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dam, swembad, tenk, blote, meer, water reservoir, plonzen, fonds, repertoire, fontein, winkel, tesourie, unie, aansluit, kombinasie

Pool    :swembad


Pool - swembad

Pooled :: saamgevoeg

Pooling :: pooling

Pools :: swembaddens


Related Words

1. swimming pool :: swembad


1. puddle :: plas

2. swimming pool :: swembad

3. supply :: toevoer

4. fund :: fonds

5. lottery :: lotto

6. pond :: dam

7. pocket billiards :: sak biljart

8. kitty :: kitty

9. consortium :: konsortium


10. combine :: kombineer

Different forms

pool, pooled, pooling, pools

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: pool
Meaning and definitions of pool, translation in Afrikaans language for pool with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of pool in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What pool means in Afrikaans, pool meaning in Afrikaans, pool definition, examples and pronunciation of pool in Afrikaans language.

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