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towerkuns, toorkuns, betowering, roek loze moed, inkantasie, swart magie, pishogue, betovering, skoonheid, toordery, nekromante, towery, samenzwering, weddenskap, verbintenis
towerkuns, betowerende, glansryke, hypnotisch, gesogte

Magic    :towerkuns


Magic - towerkuns

Magical :: magiese

Magics :: toordery


Related Words

1. black magic :: swart magie


1. supernatural :: bonatuurlike

2. fascinating :: fassinerende

3. marvelous :: wonderlike

4. magical ::


5. sorcery :: toorkuns

6. conjuring tricks :: goochel truuks

7. allure :: skoonheid

8. skill :: vaardigheid

9. thaumaturgy :: thaumaturgy

10. deception :: misleiding


1. repulsion :: afstoting

Different forms

magic, magical, magics

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: magic
Meaning and definitions of magic, translation in Afrikaans language for magic with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of magic in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What magic means in Afrikaans, magic meaning in Afrikaans, magic definition, examples and pronunciation of magic in Afrikaans language.

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