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English to Afrikaans Meaning
ywerig, vlytige, hardwerkend, volhardend, aktiewe, weariless, doeltreffende, roer, moeisame, deurdagte, eindelose, onvermoeide, versigtig, energieke, leergierige, aanhanger

Diligent    :ywerig


Diligent - ywerig

Diligently :: ywerig



1. industrious :: vlytige

2. hard-working :: hardwerkend

3. assiduous :: volhardend

4. conscientious :: pligsgetroue

5. particular :: spesifieke

6. punctilious :: punctilious

7. meticulous :: noukeurige

8. painstaking :: deurdagte

9. rigorous :: streng

10. careful :: versigtig

11. thorough :: deeglike

12. sedulous :: ywerig

13. earnest ::

14. persevering ::

15. persistent :: aanhoudende

16. tenacious :: taai

17. zealous :: ywerig

18. dedicated :: toegewyde

19. committed :: verbind

20. unflagging :: onvermoeide

21. untiring :: onvermoeide

22. tireless :: onvermoeide

23. indefatigable :: onvermoeide

24. dogged :: geteister

25. laborious :: moeisame


1. idle :: idle

2. inactive :: onaktiewe

3. unemployed :: werkloos

Different forms

diligent, diligently

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: diligent
Meaning and definitions of diligent, translation in Afrikaans language for diligent with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of diligent in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What diligent means in Afrikaans, diligent meaning in Afrikaans, diligent definition, examples and pronunciation of diligent in Afrikaans language.

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