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English to Afrikaans Meaning
hef, swaartekrag, vrag, gewig, onus, klomp, taak, kommissie, baie, knop, pik, ooreenkoms, stapel, uitdrukking, hoeveelheid, teken
vertel, vrag, Takkie, besef, in totaal, totaal, all-up, alles, algehele
vul, verswelg, vrag, hef, dinge, Stow, energieke, druk af, cram, pers, thrash, gewig, houding, toevertrou, opdragen, weeg

Load    :vrag


Load - vrag

Loadable :: laaibare

Loaded :: gelaaide

Loader :: loader

Loaders :: loaders

Loading :: laai

Loads :: vragte


Related Words

1. load up :: laai


1. cargo :: vrag

2. a lot of :: baie van

3. commitment :: toewyding

4. loading :: laai

5. shipment :: verskeping

6. warhead :: Warhead

7. incumbrance ::

8. lode :: Lode


9. fill :: vul

10. pack :: pak

11. burden :: las

12. reward :: beloning

13. prime :: prima

14. insert :: voeg

15. bias :: vooroordeel

16. charge :: hef

17. load up :: laai

18. debase :: verneder


1. ace :: ace

2. bit :: bit

3. dab :: DAB

4. dram :: dram

5. driblet :: klein bietjie

6. glimmer :: skynsel

7. hint :: wenk

8. lick :: lek

9. little :: klein

10. mite :: mite

11. nip :: nip

12. ounce :: greintjie

13. pinch :: knyp

14. pittance :: honger loon

15. scruple :: zwarigheid

16. shade :: skaduwee

Different forms

load, loadable, loaded, loader, loaders, loading, loads

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: load
Meaning and definitions of load, translation in Afrikaans language for load with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of load in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What load means in Afrikaans, load meaning in Afrikaans, load definition, examples and pronunciation of load in Afrikaans language.

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