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vibrasie, bewe, bewing, aardbewing, bruisende, klop, trilling
bewing, koors

Trepidation    :bewing


Trepidation - bewing



1. fear :: vrees

2. apprehension :: vrees

3. dread :: vrees

4. fearfulness ::

5. fright :: geskrik

6. agitation ::

7. anxiety :: angs

8. worry :: bekommer

9. nervousness ::

10. tension :: spanning

11. misgivings ::

12. unease :: ongemak

13. uneasiness ::

14. foreboding :: onheilspellend

15. disquiet :: onrus

16. dismay :: ontsteltenis

17. consternation :: konsternasie

18. alarm :: alarm

19. panic :: paniek

20. butterflies (in one's stomach) ::

21. jitteriness ::

22. the jitters :: die jitters

23. the creeps :: die ritteltits

24. the shivers :: die rillings

25. a cold sweat :: 'n koue sweet

26. the heebie-jeebies :: die horries

27. the willies :: die Willies

28. the shakes :: die skud

29. jim-jams :: Jim-jam

30. collywobbles :: mure uit te dryf

31. cold feet :: koue voete

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: trepidation
Meaning and definitions of trepidation, translation in Afrikaans language for trepidation with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of trepidation in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What trepidation means in Afrikaans, trepidation meaning in Afrikaans, trepidation definition, examples and pronunciation of trepidation in Afrikaans language.

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