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English to Afrikaans Meaning
onskadelike, onschadelijk, skadeloos, ongedeerd, argeloos, uninjurious, onskuldige, onskuldig, onberispelike, onberispelik

Innocuous    :onskadelike


Innocuous - onskadelike

Innocuously :: onskadelike

Innocuousness :: innocuousness



1. harmless :: skadeloos

2. inoffensive :: argeloos

3. unobjectionable :: onberispelik

4. innocent :: onskuldige


1. adverse :: ongunstige

2. bad :: slegte

3. baleful :: onheilspellend

4. dangerous :: gevaarlike

5. deleterious :: nadelige

6. evil :: kwaad

7. ill :: siek

8. injurious :: skadelik

9. mischievous :: ondeunde

10. noxious :: skadelike

11. pernicious :: verderflike

12. wicked :: bose

Different forms

innocuous, innocuously, innocuousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: innocuous
Meaning and definitions of innocuous, translation in Afrikaans language for innocuous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of innocuous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What innocuous means in Afrikaans, innocuous meaning in Afrikaans, innocuous definition, examples and pronunciation of innocuous in Afrikaans language.

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