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oordrewe, dronk, roekelose, versot, bedwelmend, onkundig, bewusteloos, dwaas, sinnelose

Infatuated    :versot


Infatuated - versot

Related Words

1. infatuate :: infatuate


1. besotted with :: bedwelmend met

2. in love with :: in liefde met

3. head over heels about :: halsoorkop oor

4. obsessed with :: behep met

5. taken with :: geneem met

6. lovesick for :: smoor verlief vir

7. moonstruck over :: maan siek oor

8. enamored of :: verlief van

9. attracted to :: aangetrokke tot

10. devoted to :: geheg aan

11. captivated by :: betower deur

12. enthralled by :: bekoor deur

13. enchanted by :: betower deur

14. bewitched by :: betower deur

15. under the spell of :: onder die betowering van

16. smitten with :: verslaan met

17. sweet on :: soet op

18. keen on :: gretig op

19. hot for :: warm vir

20. gone on :: gegaan oor

21. hung up on :: hang op

22. mad about :: mal oor

23. crazy about :: mal oor

24. nuts about :: neute oor

25. stuck on :: sit vas aan

26. carrying a torch for :: uitvoering van 'n fakkel vir

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: infatuated
Meaning and definitions of infatuated, translation in Afrikaans language for infatuated with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of infatuated in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What infatuated means in Afrikaans, infatuated meaning in Afrikaans, infatuated definition, examples and pronunciation of infatuated in Afrikaans language.

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Meaning :: ergernis, afkeur, , aanstoot, ontevredenheid, grief
Adjective :: onversadigbare, ontevredenheid, ontevrede, , hartseer, nors, swaar moedig, verontwaardig, onaanvaarbaar
Noun :: ontevredenheid, wrok, misnoeë, onrus, grief
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