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inhoud, bedrag, hoeveelheid, volume, mate, som, tevredenheid
inhoud, tevrede, bly, pasiënt, self-besete
Bevredig, asseblief, inhoud, versoen, bevredig, oorvloed, fees
inhoud, onderwerp, kern, tevredenheid, tevrede

Content    :inhoud


Content - inhoud

Contented :: tevrede

Contenting :: contenting

Contently :: contently

Contentment :: tevredenheid

Contents :: inhoud


Related Words

1. table of content :: INHOUDSOPGAWE


1. contented :: tevrede


2. amount :: bedrag

3. constituents ::

4. chapters ::

5. subject matter ::

6. capacity :: kapasiteit

7. contentedness ::

8. mental object :: geestelike voorwerp

9. subject :: onderwerp


10. satisfy :: Bevredig


1. discontent :: ontevredenheid

2. discontented :: ontevrede

3. dissatisfied :: ontevrede

4. malcontent :: ontevrede

5. unhappy :: ongelukkig

Different forms

content, contented, contenting, contently, contentment, contents

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: content
Meaning and definitions of content, translation in Afrikaans language for content with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of content in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What content means in Afrikaans, content meaning in Afrikaans, content definition, examples and pronunciation of content in Afrikaans language.

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