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English to Afrikaans Meaning
onbedagsame, onbesonne, onoordeelkundige, tactloos, Gauche, krans, roekeloos, doldriest, haastige, gevoelloos, gevoellose, hardgekookte

Inconsiderate    :onbedagsame


Inconsiderate - onbedagsame

Inconsiderately :: onnadenkend

Inconsiderateness :: onbedachtzaamheid


Related Words

1. inconsiderate :: onbedagsame


1. thoughtless :: onbesonne

2. unthinking :: onnadenkende

3. insensitive :: onsensitief

4. selfish :: selfsugtig

5. self-centered :: selfgesentreerde

6. unsympathetic :: onsimpatieke

7. uncaring :: ongevoelig

8. heedless :: agt mense

9. unmindful :: veronagsaam

10. unkind :: onvriendelike

11. uncharitable :: onbarmhartig

12. ungracious :: onhoffelijk

13. impolite :: ongeskik

14. discourteous :: onbeleefd

15. rude :: onbeskof

16. disrespectful ::

17. tactless :: taktloos

18. undiplomatic :: diploma tisch

19. indiscreet :: onbesonne

20. indelicate :: onkies


1. civil :: burgerlike

2. considerate :: bedagsame

3. courteous :: beleefd

4. genteel :: deftig

5. gracious :: genadig

6. mannerly :: goeie maniere

7. polite :: beleefd

8. well-bred :: goed-geteelde

Different forms

inconsiderate, inconsiderately, inconsiderateness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: inconsiderate
Meaning and definitions of inconsiderate, translation in Afrikaans language for inconsiderate with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of inconsiderate in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What inconsiderate means in Afrikaans, inconsiderate meaning in Afrikaans, inconsiderate definition, examples and pronunciation of inconsiderate in Afrikaans language.

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