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English to Afrikaans Meaning
hindernis, versperring, bunker, obstruksie, blok, randsteen, spervuur, aambeeld, ry, lyn, verskeidenheid, rang, toegeroep, tjok
blok, omsluit, omheinen, sluit, ring, beleër, aanhou, belemmer, beperk, tjek, klomp, stop, weerstaan, stoot, neutraliseer
blok, oes

Block    :blok


Block - blok

Blocked :: geblokkeer

Blocker :: blokker

Blockers :: blokkers

Blocking :: blokkeer

Blocks :: blokke

Unblock :: blokkeer

Unblocked :: gedeblokkeerd

Unblocking :: deblokkeer

Unblocks :: Deblokkeer


Related Words

1. block of flats :: woonstelblok


1. chunk :: stuk

2. building :: gebou

3. batch :: joernaal

4. obstacle :: hindernis

5. blockage :: verstopping

6. city block :: stad blok

7. mental block :: geestelike blok

8. cube :: kubus

9. blocking ::

10. pulley block :: katrol blok

11. cylinder block :: silinderblok


12. clog (up) ::

13. hinder :: verhinder

14. stop :: stop

15. blank out :: leeg uit

16. jam :: konfyt

17. obstruct :: belemmer

18. deflect :: buig

19. immobilize :: immobiliseer

20. block off :: blok af

21. halt :: stilstand

22. choke up :: verstik up

Different forms

block, blocked, blocker, blockers, blocking, blocks, unblock, unblocked, unblocking, unblocks

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: block
Meaning and definitions of block, translation in Afrikaans language for block with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of block in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What block means in Afrikaans, block meaning in Afrikaans, block definition, examples and pronunciation of block in Afrikaans language.

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