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verbeter, in te samel, bevorder, veredel, versag, voorspoedig, floreer, doen goed, verhef, genees, kuur, reg te stel, verder, verhoog

Improve    :verbeter


Improve - verbeter

Improved :: verbeter

Improvement :: verbetering

Improvements :: verbeterings

Improves :: verbeter

Improving :: verbetering


Related Words

1. to improve :: om te verbeter


1. make better :: verbeter

2. get better :: word beter

3. recover :: herstel

4. increase :: Verhoog

5. better :: beter

6. amend :: wysig

Different forms

improve, improved, improvement, improvements, improves, improving

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: improve
Meaning and definitions of improve, translation in Afrikaans language for improve with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of improve in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What improve means in Afrikaans, improve meaning in Afrikaans, improve definition, examples and pronunciation of improve in Afrikaans language.

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