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English to Afrikaans Meaning
pragtige, helder, briljant, diep, mooi, fantastiese, uitstekende, king, aantreklike, gala, grandiose, luisterryk, van groot belang, hard
pragtige, gloei, aureate, dapper, lewendige, magni fieke, grandiose, aristokratiese, blufferig, koninklike

Gorgeous    :pragtige


Gorgeous - pragtige

Gorgeously :: pragtig

Gorgeousness :: gorgeousness


Related Words

1. gorgeous girl :: pragtige meisie


1. spectacular :: skouspelagtige

2. splendid :: pragtige

3. superb :: uitstekende

4. wonderful :: wonderlike

5. grand :: grand

6. impressive :: indrukwekkende

7. awe-inspiring :: inspirerende

8. awesome :: ontsagwekkende

9. amazing :: ongelooflike

10. stunning :: stunning

11. breathtaking :: asemrowende

12. incredible :: ongelooflike

13. sensational :: sensasionele

14. fabulous :: fantastiese

15. fantastic :: fantastiese


1. grotesque :: groteske

2. hideous :: afskuwelike

3. homely :: huislike

4. plain :: vlakte

5. ugly :: lelike

6. unattractive :: onaantreklike

7. unsightly :: onooglike

Different forms

gorgeous, gorgeously, gorgeousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: gorgeous
Meaning and definitions of gorgeous, translation in Afrikaans language for gorgeous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gorgeous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What gorgeous means in Afrikaans, gorgeous meaning in Afrikaans, gorgeous definition, examples and pronunciation of gorgeous in Afrikaans language.

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